Outdoor Epilogue

by Cordelia Pryor

Sure, when most of us hear the word “après,” we think of steamy ski bars and hot toddies, but what about kicking back after warm-weather outings? What about the cold beers after fishing, hiking, biking, and climbing? Summertime aprés has its own charms, and they’re every bit as gratifying as those enjoyed during the winter.

After a long day outside, sore legs rejoice sitting down on a patio chair or sliding into a booth shoulder-to-shoulder with your buddy. And nothing feels better than a little A/C with that first sip of local swill. The Gallatin Valley is saturated with breweries, bars, and eateries—here are some of our favorite spots to wind down after a day in the sun.

On the Patio
With summer’s lingering daylight, stay outside and soak in its last rays at one of many venues downtown. On Main, Bacchus Pub is a great place to kick back for a few brews and a hearty meal. Think burgers, sandwiches, and tasty fries to boot. If you’re feeling more of a cocktail, head next door to Bozeman Spirits and try their revered whisky, vodka, gin, or rum.

For a more elevated perch, don’t miss the rooftop bars around town. The Taproom hosts a pleasant vibe with tasty food and good drinks. Fill a glass, kick back, and watch the sun go down over town. The Crystal Bar is Bozeman’s other classic—shoot some pool inside, then wander up top and put your head where it should be—in the clouds.

If your sunburn has you itching for the sweet sensation of cooler air, venture inside at one of our local breweries. On your way back from a hike in Hyalite or a long ride up Sourdough, cruise over to Bridger Brewing. Not only do they have awesome in-house brews on tap, but they’re known for some of the best and most creative pizza in town—nothing beats a slice of Eloté and a glass of Lee Metcalf. In town, Union Hall Brewery is another hotspot. Belly up to six delicious staples and two seasonal rotators. Additionally, they’re releasing a new food menu soon. If you just want a stiff drink and are on a budget, head to the Eagle’s Club for reasonable prices and an old-school vibe.

For a well-deserved meal after a long day on the trail, you can’t go wrong with Nina’s, which serves a variety of Mexican dishes along with tasty tequila drinks. Next door, Urban Kitchen offers a fancier option for those wanting to sample Bozeman’s upscale offerings. A couple blocks away you’ll find Dave’s Sushi, Bozeman’s original sushi spot—just be prepared to wait a few minutes at the door.

Small Town
While Bozeman has plenty of scenes to choose from—and believe us, they’re great—make sure to widen your horizons as well. When your outing takes you more than 30 minutes away, check out some of the small-town watering holes. These lesser-crowded, down-to-earth locales feel like a home away from home. Pull up a chair and soak in the ambiance of a true Montana atmosphere.

If you venture west of town for a day floating the Jefferson or exploring Lewis & Clark Caverns, stop in at Sir Scott’s Oasis in Manhattan. As far as a drink and a meal go, it doesn’t get much better. In many circles, this steakhouse is argued to be the best in the entire Gallatin Valley. East of Bozeman, if you’ve been in Yellowstone near Gardiner or rambling around Paradise Valley, check out Follow ‘Yer Nose in Emigrant for mouth-watering BBQ, or swing by Mark’s In & Out in Livingston for a burger to go.

The bottom line is, you’ve got options—and with so many, it’s hard to go wrong. These are just some of our favorites, though. Get out and discover for yourself; with time, you’ll have a long list of your own. Welcome to town, friend. If we don’t see you on the trails, at the crag, or in the river, we’ll catch you après.