If you haven’t noticed, Bozeman is home to wild and scenic landscapes that provide the perfect playground for outdoor recreating and adventuring. From hiking, to biking, whitewater, skiing, and climbing, Bozeman has it all.  Here is an inside look into a few key activities around town.

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Shouldering the Burden - In Bozeman, weather and conditions are  frequently changing so it can be hard to know what to expect in any given month. How do we, as outdoor recreators, handle this time of limbo? Luckily, there are plenty of options.


Pedal to the Metal
- When it comes to mountain biking, Bozeman’s got it all. Countless alpine rides meander through lush forests and across rocky mountainsides, while fast, well-built, downhill-specific trails get the adrenaline flowing. And when you don’t feel like driving, you can get your biking fix right out the back door.


Hard-Rock Life
- For beginners and experts alike, our mountains and valleys are dotted with cliffs of all different rock types—granite, limestone, and sandstone alike. So whether you’re an expert or neophyte, here’s what you need to know about climbing in southwest Montana.


Lines on the Water
- Welcome to the fly-fishing capital of Montana, if the not entire West. Come August, the town dress code might as well be quick-dry shorts, a sun hoody, sandals, sunglasses, and a lucky fishing hat. But aside from looking the part, knowing a few basics is also important. Here’s a rundown on a few of the most popular local waters.

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Big Sky Boatin’
- If you haven’t noticed, Montana is home to a unique and dynamic web of water. It’s likely one of the reasons you’re here, to some degree or another. Be it a meandering stream or furious, technical whitewater; a committing excursion deep in the backcountry or a casual float after work; in Bozeman, there are paddling opportunities galore.


Under the Stars
- A camping or backpacking trip is one of the easiest, and quite possibly the best, ways to immerse yourself in the outdoors. Spending a night (or multiple nights) in the woods will calm your nerves, humble your mind, and invigorate your soul. Here are some tips so  you’ll have greater capacity for exploration.


Hit the Trails
 - Few places rival Bozeman’s accessibility to trails. Like a spider web from city center, hundreds of miles of dirt paths lie at our fingertips—we only need to hop on and take off.


Charging the Slopes - Winter in Bozeman is magical. Town turns into a winter wonderland adorned with lights and sparkling snow in every direction. And the most celebrated way to enjoy the season is on skis or a snowboard. Whether you’re looking to descend wild steeps, or just keep to the greens, there’s something here for you.


Nordic Nuts
 - Getting outside and staying fit during the warmer months is a breeze around here, but doing so in the winter is more challenging. Fortunately, Bozeman is a Nordic skier’s haven. With bountiful options both in town and just a few minutes’ drive away, getting out for a quick jaunt is easy.


Ice, Ice Baby
 - Bozeman has some of the best ice climbing in the Lower 48, from easy top-rope crags in Hyalite to grueling alpine routes in the Beartooths.


Winter Wonderland
 - Skiing might be the classic winter activity around here, but there are plenty of other things to do when the temperature plunges. Whether your legs are sore from hitting the slopes, or you’re just looking to try something new, here are a couple of our second-string favorites.