Know Before You Go

You made it to Bozeman. Step one complete. Now, to fit in and get out and do all the things that make this place so popular. Well, friend, there lies a great deal of preparing before you shove off down the river, head up the mountain , or drop in on that new ski line. Worry not, as Blue Light and Outside Bozeman shed insight on a bounty of resources our community has to offer. Take advantage and check ‘em out.

From the Issue

Prepped for Anything - Here in Bozeman, we are fortunate to have abundant outdoor recreation in every direction. With this good fortune comes a responsibility: here’s a rundown of a few local outdoor-education organizations.


Study Up - You’ve made it to Bozeman, and you’re ready to explore southwest Montana’s endless expanses. But where to go first? Start out by doing some research—it pays to have a plan for every excursion.


Go Easy - It doesn’t take a whole garage full of gear to make the most of southwest Montana’s outdoors. In fact, some of our favorite activities and outings require little to no specialized equipment whatsoever. So if you’re tight on cash, or just want to keep it simple, here are some ideas.


Bargain Bins - Self-control. Responsibility. A savings account. If you live in Gallatin County, aren’t a trustafarian, and have a gear closet, you’re probably lacking one of these former attributes. Outdoor recreation can be expensive. Take a stroll around town and you’ll likely come across a garage where the value of the gear inside exceeds your net worth.


Try Before You Buy –With so many activities to try around the Bozone, it’s hard to get fully outfitted for everything. Not to worry—there are plenty of stores in town (and in our surrounding towns) that can set you up with rental gear.