Winter in downtown Bozeman

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Welcome to Bozeman

The town of Bozeman is an eclectic place: rowdy cowboys  cheer right alongside hippies at the big homecoming game, and jocks shoot pool with the mellow ski bums at the local bar. Instead of factionalizing over differences, people here have it figured out: this rich melting pot of culture and country is what makes our town so  great. It’s a near-perfect balance of big-city opportunity and small-town hospitality. Not to mention the nearly limitless opportunities for outdoor adventure.

From the Issue:

The Bozeman Essentials - In Bozeman, it’s impossible to do it all—but if you’re like us, you strive to. Every season presents its own set of outdoor challenges and opportunities, but there are a few activities so renowned that they bear repeating on a near-annual basis—classics, you could call them. Do them all and you’re one step closer to becoming a true Bozemanite.


Post Wisely - We live in a funny time. An age where announcing one’s experiences outweighs living the experience itself. If you don’t have a picture, did your trail run even happen? If your photo wasn’t affirmed with 1,000 cyber hearts, was your bike ride even worth it? If you climb a mountain, but fail to take a reel of it, were you there at all? Here’s a crash course on how to post wisely.


Code of the West - The Code of the West is a set of informal laws that originally shaped the cowboy culture of the Old West, and is still active today. What are these unwritten rules, and why are they important?

Birds of a Feather - Bozeman brims with not only outdoor-recreation opportunities, but also close-knit communities dedicated to getting outside. If you’re looking to get involved in the outdoors and meet new people along the way, here are some local groups and clubs to scope out.


Idiom Index - Welcome to Montana—as you’ve probably noticed, there’s some lingo getting thrown around that you might not have heard before. Study this cheat-sheet to familiarize yourself with a few common terms & phrases, along with likely scenarios, before making a fool of yourself out there on the streets of Bozeman.


From the Archive:

Between the Leaves - Bozeman’s Parks & Recreation department manages 77 parks and 67 miles of trails spanning 900 acres within city limits. You could spend years exploring these spaces and still make new discoveries every day






Hyalite Expectations – Hyalite is our crown jewel. The access is unparalleled, the sights unrivaled, and the recreation endless. And in order to keep it that way, it takes a little bit of chipping in. From everybody. Here’s how.






The Bridger Bowl Cloud – Every so often, a blue light flashes on top of the Baxter Hotel, alerting anyone within view of the tallest building in Bozeman that snow is falling at Bridger Bowl. The light—a repurposed airport runway strobe that flashes for 24 hours when the ski area receives at least two inches of snow—was installed in 1988 and played an important role before the era of the Internet.






Town Trails – Around Bozeman, trailheads are everywhere—but did you know that dozens of trails run right through town?