Underage Entertainment

Looking to have fun, but a house full of sloppy drunks just isn’t your scene? Fear not—Bozeman is packed with activities that will have you enjoying yourself without those pesky fines, hours of community service, and the 5-0.
SOB Barn
This building has been sitting on campus for generations and its unique wood-floor loft makes for a great place to get down, with all kinds of clubs congregating here for a variety of styles. From swing dancing to international folk, Scottish country dancing to hoola-hooping, it’s a much easier and cleaner way to meet fun people than over a loud tipsy bar grind, anyway—it’s flirty, it’s fun, and it’s free.
The Bowl
Newly renovated and the ready for action, the Bowl is Bozeman’s only actual alley. This being the case, the lanes are generally packed with people—join a league with some friends to guarantee a spot. With a huge variety of snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, the Bowl is the place to be. Plus, chicks dig bowlers—that’s a fact. (Another fact: p. 83 of the 2012-13 MSU Pocket Guide has a 2-for-1 coupon.)
Sizzling Salsa
Have you ever wanted to turn heads on the dance floor with your mind-blowing moves? Well, here is your chance. Every Wednesday, the Movement Arts Center (off S. 19th where Kagy ends) hosts a night of salsa lessons and open dance. It starts at 8pm and at a price of only $3, why wouldn’t you give it a shot? sizzlingsalsamt.com and themacmontana.com.
Procrastinator Theatre
Located in SUB 287, this student-run theater offers two shows each night of the week except for Wednesday. These cinematic adventures are usually straight out of the theaters and are very cheap— only $2 a ticket. And don’t forget about Erotique Night every Thursday (when tickets are only $1), featuring a late-night show and sexy giveaways. montana.edu/asmsu/procrastinator.html.
Zebra and Mixers
Every once in a while, these bars host a 17+ show. Keep an eye out for posters around town, and be sure to check their Facebook pages to keep up with events and showtimes. zebracocktaillounge.com, mixersclub.com.
SUB Rec Center
This is a place most people seem to forget about. This little hole in the wall is packed with games: Playstation 3, pool tables, and bowling—just to name a few. Don’t forget about “Combust-a-Bowl” every Friday and Saturday night, featuring colorful lights and energizing music. For just $5 an hour, you can do almost anything in the Rec Room. If you are really pinching pennies, be sure to go to happy hour, Monday through Thursday from 3-6pm, when everything’s around a dollar off. It’s alcohol-free and they’ve got all kinds of good snacks and drinks. (And don’t miss out on their best-kept secret: the SUB Underground music venue in the basement hosts great local musicians.)
Norris Hot Springs
Ready to get your soak on? Just a short drive southwest will take you to these natural hot springs. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night from 7-10pm they host a variety of acoustic and Americana music. The musicians jam in “the dome”: a wind-resistant stage where they can perform year-round for soakers. At $7 to listen to live music and enjoy the water, you would be hard-pressed to find a better deal. They even have a safe driver program: each designated driver for carloads of three or more gets a free soak pass to use on the next visit. What a steal!