Frugal Fun in Bozeman

Big fun on a small budget.

Bozeman is an expensive place for college students—with so many yuppie tourist traps, it can feel impossible to do anything fun. With that in mind, we’ve gathered some of the best, most legitimate Montana activities that can be done for a very small dent in your bank account. Here’s a guide for a super fun day in Bozeman—for just $25.
On our small budget, it’s safe to say you should procure your own breakfast. How about that box of stale Lucky Charms sitting on your dresser? Mmm… tasty.
Price: Free!

Weather permitting, there are several fun Bozeman things to keep you occupied for a minimal price. 
If it’s sunny, why not go bridge jumping? There’s a fantastic spot up Gallatin Canyon called Green Bridge that’s both deep and safe. Follow Hwy. 191 as it twists and turns through the canyon. Right before you hit Big Sky, you’ll see it on the right: it’s a green bridge with a nice parking lot on the other side of the river. (This is the trailhead for Deer Lake.) This spot is popular among the natives—be prepared to rub elbows and watch where you jump. 

Price: Free! (Gas will be about $7.)
If it’s cloudy or cold, why not hit up a museum? The Computer Museum south of the Fieldhouse is well-known nationally for its fantastic collection of all things computer. Admission is free but there is a suggested donation box. Another fantastic Bozeman museum is the Pioneer Museum right next to the courthouse downtown. This old building used to be the prison and there are plenty of stories of daring escapes and dangerous outlaws. 

Price: $0-5

Check out local eatery Bagel Works for some fresh and delicious bagels. They offer a spread of specialty cream cheeses and 14 different kinds of bagels. With bagels in hand, take a leisurely stroll over to Cooper Park and relax under the pine trees. Or if you’re feeling sporty, put your lunch in a pack and hike the M. When you get to the top, munch your lunch while surveying the beautiful Gallatin Valley.
Price: $2-5 depending on how fancy you’re feeling.

Head back to school to partake of some fun activities just a stone’s throw from your dorm, so you stumble home half-asleep when the day’s done.

MSU Rec Center

The Rec Center in the basement of the SUB has tons of fun activities discounted for students. Head downstairs for bowling, shuffleboard, or billiards. If you go during Happy Hour, Monday-Thursday 3-5pm, everything is discounted even more than before. 
Price: $4 bowling, $3.60 per hour for billiards and shuffleboard during happy hour.

Procrastinator Theater
After tiring out your arm bowling, walk upstairs to the Procrastinator. This student-run theater is a great place to enjoy movies at a fraction of the big-theater price. The new Procrastinator seats 200 people and has digital sound capabilities. It’s a great way to spend the evening of your super fun day.

Price: $2

Total: If you’ve done the most expensive things, this whole day still only cost $23. Bravo!

By now, you’re probably exhausted from all the fun you’ve had: go to the dining hall, pig out on the meal plan your parents paid for, and relax. College is about having the most fun you can in four years. Hopefully, today will go down in the books as one of the most fun—and possibly cheapest—days in your college career.