Celebrating Bozeman

by Meghan O’Neal

If there’s one thing Bozemanites love, it’s having a good time. Whether we’re adventuring outside, kicking back with friends, or taking in the simpler things in life, we know how to enjoy what life has to offer.Bobcat Fest perfectly reflects this Bozeman attitude.
Celebrating the last day of classes and the start of summer, MSU students and members of the Bozeman community came together this Friday for a fun-filled party in the street.
The weather could not have been better for an block-party type event. Bobcat Fest attendees dug their shorts and sandals from the back reaches of their closets to enjoy one of the first true spring days Bozeman has had this year. Bozemanites wandered around picking up swag from various booths, meeting up with friends, dancing in the streets, and standing in mile-long lines for free hot dogs and hamburgers.
Immediately I was drawn to the music coming from the stage set up at the end of the street where Cure for the Common provided the entertainment. Everyone—from older folks to the tiniest dancers—played in the streets, saying goodbye to the winter blues and welcoming the summer sun. The area in front of the stage was thick with crowds, but it didn’t matter—the party was everywhere.
The entire crowd felt the pain of the pizza-eating contestants as they bravely crammed giant pizzas down their throats. When time was called, the agony was clearly etched on their faces as they attempted to keep the pizza safely in their stomachs. None of the contestants succumbed to the massive amounts of pizza and spared the audience of a disgusting food reappearance, though the water guzzling and dry heaving made that option questionable.

Montana State University and Bozeman work together to create a larger community that benefits both students and locals alike. Bobcat Fest allows everyone in Bozeman to celebrate that union, as well as setting the atmosphere for summer in Bozeman. As a precursor to summer events such as  Music on Main, Bobcat Fest brings the community together after a long, cold winter.

For more photos, visit the Downtown Bozeman Facebook page.

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