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5 days ago
School of Music - School of Music | Montana State University

Catch the MSU Wind Symphony and Jazz Workshop for an evening of tunes for their Veteran's Day Concert in Reynolds Recital Hall on November 12 at 3pm.

The MSU School of Music is extremely proud to be a part of the Arts Without Boundaries mentor program. Arts Without Boundaries scholarships allow MSU music education students teach lessons to young ... See more

5 days ago
Harvest Ball

The MSU College of Agriculture will host a 1968-themed Harvest Ball with a live band, cash bar and light refreshments in honor of MSU's 125th anniversary. The event will also include a vintage 1968 ... See more

The MSU College of Agriculture will host a 1968-themed Harvest Ball.

5 days ago

Never say no to a Sandwich. Especially when you've got a coupon. Head down to Smiling Moose Rocky Mountain Deli and grab some grub.

1 week ago

Alright. Summer's over. Your model tan is wearing off, and you aren't quite sure how to cope...

Let us help you with that.

1 week ago
Pack Mentality | The Blue Light

Looking to get outside and make an impact on the world around you? MSU has some great student organizations waiting for you to join! Check 'em out.

Uncategorized Pack Mentality November 5, 2018 [email protected] by Taylor Burlage Clubs and Orgs for the outdoor oriented. As a Bozemanite born and bred, fighting for wild places has always come ... See more

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