Photo by Brandon Hoxie

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Top trails

The Gallagator
This trail connects Main Street to the south end of town at Sacajawea Middle School. It skirts Langhor, Lindley, and Burke parks, while also bypassing Peets Hill. Access this trail easily from campus by traveling east on Grant and crossing Wilson.

Peets Hill
On you way back to class take quick jaunt on the Gallagator, check out Peets Hill. It’s not only a popular spot to gaze out over the valley, but it offers sledding in the winter and picture-perfect sunsets year-round. Peets Hill also makes a great jumping-off point, as it connects to the Gallagator, Sourdough, and Highland Glen trails.

Sourdough Trail
This trail is a system all in itself. With many spurs, loops, and winding turns, you could get lost here—if it weren’t for Bozeman Creek running alongside. Although the southern trailhead can be somewhat difficult to find (off Spring Creek Dr.) the southern access point off Goldenstein provides parking and is easy to locate.

Highland Glen Nature Preserve
The latest edition to Bozeman’s trail system, Highland Glen Nature Preserve trails offer singletrack for bikers and runners alike. It has three access points: at the sports complex by the hospital, at the end of Maple Dr., and at the Painted Hills parking area. These trails are groomed in winter for cross-country skiing.


Of-age participants should finish up just in time to grab a complimentary cold one at the finish line. You’ll earn that beer—this race encompasses Peets Hill and has been known to make more than one runner turn to their running buddy and gasp “What the F#@&?” Music at the finish line, a lively atmosphere, and beer makes this a fall classic.

Huffing for Stuffing
This is the largest race in Bozeman, attracting some 4,000 participants. Chasing runners dressed in turkey costumes adds an element of entertainment. All runners who “Smoke the Turkey” win special awards.

A fundraiser for Bozeman’s Regional Park, the Bozemonster has water, mud, obstacles, costumes, advice to “duct-tape your shoes”, and more weirdness from there. Hop, climb, swim, and splash your way through this one-of-a-kind event.