Club Sports

Non-varsity club sports are often unfunded or underfunded by the school—but that doesn’t mean they aren’t competitive. MSU is home to myriad club sports, many of which are very successful, providing an impressive level of play in an informal atmosphere. Here’s a smattering of self-supported athletic clubs around campus (for a full list, contact the Recreational Sports & Fitness office).

The Montana State rodeo team is consistently the best in the country, with eight national championship titles. MSU hosts numerous events throughout the year, so be on the lookout for opportunities to see the team ride, rope, and wrangle.

photo by M Sullivan

MSU rodeo team

Ultimate Frisbee
Highly competitive, organized ultimate Frisbee does exist, and Montana State is pretty good at it. The “Rum Runners” have made it to Northwest Regionals for the past three years, competing against some of the best teams in the country from Oregon, California, and Washington. How can you not support a team called the “Rum Runners?”

Rum Runners team

Rum Runners team

MSU’s men’s lacrosse is rising through the national ranks, having topped the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Conference and taken 4th at the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association National Championships. Look for the Cats to continue their success, as they are a young team and have a great deal of potential.

Photo by Kelly Hall

Photo by Kelley Hall

One of the most grueling sports, hockey embodies toughness, speed, and finesse. Nothing is more exciting than watching pucks flying and players checking each other into the boards while you cheer on your team. MSU’s team boasts badass skaters from a variety of  hockey-centric circles.

President Cruzado sporting blue and gold

President Cruzado sporting blue and gold

After this year’s World Cup chaos, MSU’s club soccer keeps the “beautiful game” alive at a competitive level. The Cats compete in the northwestern region of the country, where soccer is becoming very popular, so the games are entertaining to watch and the level of play is impressive.

Competitive and fun

Soccer: competitive and fun



Want to relive your high-school glory days? If so, the intramurals program at Montana State is what you’re looking for. MSU offers a wide range of activities. In fall, students can join flag football, folf, soccer, softball, and tennis teams. The spring program offers nine sports: men’s and women’s basketball, dodgeball, co-ed volleyball, indoor soccer, co-ed ultimate frisbee, softball, track, tennis, and even golf.

MSU kids gettin' after it

MSU kids gettin’ after it

Intramurals aren’t just for kids staying in the dorms—any student can participate. For most sports, MSU even offers frat leagues, which allow different fraternities to crown a king of Greek Row.

Even if you aren’t the most stellar athlete, there are still plenty of reasons to participate. Intramurals are a great way to meet people and make friends, and they offer a chance to try new sports. In the co-ed leagues, you’ll also get plenty of chances to mingle with the opposite sex. And last but not least, intramurals are a study break (as if you needed another one).

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