Students studying in Minard Hall lounge.

Hot Spots

Studying: no matter how hard you try, it just can’t happen at home. There are always dishes to do, something cool on TV, obnoxious roommates, the lure of leftover beer, or your too inviting bed. No matter what type of study session you need, there’s a spot for you.

For the “Oh $#!T, I Forgot to Study All Semester” Realization: Community Food Co-op has lots of food and caffeine available.

For the “Must Concentrate” Paper Writing Session: Renne Library’s third floor is a quiet area that has plenty of work spaces to plug in your computer, and offers all the reference books you could want.

For the “Need vitamin D to Study” Day: Cooper Park is close to campus, has picnic tables if you need a desk, and plenty of dogs to pet when you need a distraction.

For the “Get This Group Work Done With” Meeting: Reid Hall has multiple computer labs on the third floor that can accommodate groups and are open late. Renne Library also has group work rooms — complete with computers — that you can reserve.

For the “Not Really Going to Study But Want to Pretend” Cop-out: International Coffee Traders or Wild Joe’s have coffee and lots of places to plug in and enough foot traffic to distract you from doing so.

For the “In-between Classes ” Session: The SUB Leigh Lounge is centrally located and quiet enough to prevent distractions. Good luck finding open seating.

SUB Leigh Lounge

Leigh lounge is a great place to study

Study Aids

DCF 1.0

You’ve been in school for a few weeks, and you realize your first test is coming — what do you reach for to help you stay awake and concentrate? Read on before you grab the first thing you see.

Pros: Reduced risk of dementia, certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s, and heart disease.
Cons: Unless drank black, calories can add up quickly. It’s a diuretic and it increases heart rate and blood pressure.

Pros: Claims to restore mental alertness or wakefulness.
Cons: Diarrhea, shakiness, restlessness, and dizziness.

Energy Drinks
Pros: Claims to improve physical and mental performance.
Cons: Most containers contain multiple servings, tripling caffeine intake to as much as 450mg if you drink the whole thing at once. Typically, loads of sugar.

5-Hour Energy
Pros: Claims to deliver a sugar-free energy boost without the crash.
Cons: Rapid heart rate, flushed skin, and jitteriness.

Most of the time, getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, and eating healthy meals provide the best source of energy. Moderate caffeine intake is generally safe, but two or more servings in a single day can do more harm than good.