Students at an MSU Leadership Fellows certificate program event.

Learn to be a leader

Leadership can be an intimidating concept when you’re still trying to figure out majors or formulating a career path. Yet, with a small and supportive class environment, the literary shoulders of giants to stand on, and local leaders as mentors and role models, a whole generation of MSU students are coming into their own. And they’re empowered by an MSU certificate program that rewards students who think for themselves and do the things they dream of doing.

The MSU Leadership Fellows certificate program (LF) does just this, adding value to all MSU degrees. The program incorporates self-study, service work, and experiential education to empower students to become positive agents of change. Every semester, the students’ “Personal Leadership Plans” tell the story further.

One student supplemented her study of books by leaders such as Rudy Giuliani, Barack Obama, and Hilary Clinton with an initiative to make the MSU campus smoke-free. Two students grew their non-profit Tias y Tios organization by enlisting other student to help support the children of Spanish speakers new to the area. And a Sustained Dialogue chapter, designed to air out contentious issues, emerged when several students identified a need and worked to make it a reality. These are just a few examples.


A Leadership Fellow presentation

Becoming an MSU Leadership Fellow during your undergraduate or graduate education is a straightforward process. Take the three-credit “Leadership foundations” seminar, the three-credit “Leadership Capstone” seminar (recommended for senior of junior year), and 12 leadership electives from a list of over 150 approved courses. Easily tailored to fit any major, LF recently added a one-credit “Leadership Exploration” class for first-year students.

For more info visit montana.edu/lf